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Product of the week

Week number 2 of the Product of The Week Series!

If you are looking for a luxury Promotional Chocolate option, then look no further than The Chocolate Society!

This brand was established in 1991by 3 experts in fine chocolate, their aim; to change people’s perception of chocolate from a low-grade commodity to a creative luxury treat. The Chocolate Society began with chocolate truffles, caramels and chocolate bars which, along with their three London based store generated a buzz for the new brand.

The Chocolate society today has new owners, who have taken them from strength to strength to help curate the products that we see on the website.

These Branded Chocolate bars and truffles would be perfect for any organisation looking to invest in beautiful quality chocolate to reflect their brand. 


11 Delicious Flavours:  Toasted Coconut Salted Caramel Rose Sweet Orange Espresso Sour Cherry
  Raspberry Gin & Tonic Crunchy Biscuit 61% Columbia Rosemary & Sea Salt